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Why Am I Excited to Open My Business in Albany?

Why Am I Excited to Open My Business in Albany?

Owner Jeffrey Ives standing in the Jonathan Reid store

Many years ago, 20 to be exact, I started my career at Siena College. While there I was exposed to all the wonderful elements of the Albany area for the first time. I found an area rich with culture, style, and diversity. I greatly enjoyed my years at Siena. So, when it was time to pick a location to expand my men’s clothing business, Albany was the first place that came to mind.

Jonathan Reid's original owner, Sonny Regan, in front of the storeI learned the men’s clothing business (men’s suits, tuxedos, etc.) while working at Jonathan Reid during my college years. After buying the last remaining location of Jonathan Reid in 2015, I have looked to the day when I could return it to its original splendor. Albany just seemed to me like a natural place to begin my expansion. And, so far, I am very glad that I did.

At Jonathan Reid, we try to make the suit buying process an “experience” rather than just a transactional interaction. Jonathan Reid started as a family-owned business and continues to be so today. Therefore, we treat our customers as if they were family. We come to you to elicit some advice on what to wear the next time you attend a wedding, have a job interview, or just going on a date. We view your experience of buying a suit or renting a tuxedo for your son’s prom as a potentially very memorable one. Everyone remembers where they bought their first suit or where they rented their prom tuxedo from.

Tailor sizing up a teenager for Prom tuxedoI get a lot of enjoyment out of watching someone step into the mirror for the first time after they put on their suit that is tailored specifically for them. The look on their face is often priceless, and still, after all these years, I get the same satisfaction out of happy clients as I did 20 years ago. It is with the same passion that I have now landed in Albany, looking to bring a lot of pleasure and joy to the man when he sees himself in a suit or a tuxedo that fits him perfectly.

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